some of the best eye drops for cats to choose from


Some of the Best Eye Drops for Cats to Choose From

September 4, 2016

Purchasing eye drops for cats is certainly among the very important things you need to do if you have a cat that has eye problems and you think that treating the conditions using eye drops is an effective solution.

Sometimes, cat have problems that have something to do with their eyes like having weepy eyes or other problems and eye drops can sometimes solve those problems effectively.

Speaking of purchasing eye drops, of course it’s important for you to know how eye drops should be used to treat cats’ eye conditions. There is more than one way to use eye drops, though.

One of them is wetting a tissue and then gently dabbing the eye area. This is one of the easiest ways to treat cats’ eye conditions using eye drops.

Another way to use eye drops is by directly applying them to cats’ eyes. However, this method is something cats don’t like. If you want to use this method, you need to use a trick.

Try being very gentle when trying to apply the eye drops and do your best not to alarm your cat. Also consider using a treat because a treat can actually help appease him or her.

Today, there are various different eye drops for pets from various brands you can get if you want to treat your cat’s eye conditions using eye drops.

You have various options of eye drops to choose from if you want to purchase eye drops for your cat. However, before you decide on purchasing certain eye drop products, you might need to know about eye problems in cats.

Things Related to Eye Problems in Cats You Need to Know

things related to eye problems in cats you need to know


If you plan on purchasing eye drops for your cat, you need to know that it’s actually quite common for felines to have eye irritation, as well as eye mattering that simply comes and goes.

Note that in between relapses, there’s nothing more that might persist than milky corneal scars.

Also note that a scratch, allergies, dusty environment, tear duct, dry eyes or internal eye problems or weight loss that’s rather unhealthy can actually cause inflammation or eye discharge.

However, more commonly, it’s due to persistent infections with organisms that can irritate the very dear surface of your feline companion’s eye. Know that the most common organism that can cause that in felines is what’s called the Feline Herpes-1 virus.

The next most common cause to note is an infection with Chlamydophila felis. If organisms involve your cat, they can cause a generalized upper respiratory infection with weepy eyes, fever, sneezing and crusty nose.

These infections can clear up after one week or so with or without treatment and many cats are never bothered by them again.

However, if the initial infection was with the cat herpes-1 virus, the virus never actually leaves the cat’s body. Virus remnants may still remain dormant, sleeping in nerve tissue.

Know that in most cases, the cat’s antibodies can keep the virus in check. However, stress and other factors which can weaken the cat’s immune system might allow the virus to actually awaken from its latency.

It’s important to note that a small percentage of cats that are infected with Herpes-1 virus relapse from time. In many cats, the relapses are limited to sneezing, sinusitis or nasal drainage. Other cats simply start shedding the virus again without showing evidence of illness.

However, in some cats, relapses happen in their eyes’ clear, superficial layers with periodic drainage, the formation of white corneal scars and inflammation.

When cats have corneal scars, sometimes, between episodes, their corneal scars range in size from as small as pinpoint to more than a centimeter in diameter. Herpes-1 in cats is actually quite similar to herpes simplex, which is what causes fever sores in humans.

You don’t need to worry, though, because the herpes virus that attacks cats can’t infect you nor can herpes that infect humans infect them.

If you’re considering purchasing eye drops for your feline companion, you should also note that oftentimes, flare-ups are associated with weather change, the stress of boarding, other diseases, new rivalries with neighborhood cat or new cats being added to the family.

During active virus periods like these, the outer coating of a cat’s cornea is lost to the virus that invades him or her.

Secondary bacterial infection and mycoplasmal infection of the infected areas can cause deep ulcers of the cornea if they’re not tended to.

Sometimes they can cause sight-threatening penetration into the eye, which is quite dangerous. That’s why deep ulcers require immediate examination and care from a veterinarian.

Eye Conditions That are Non-Infectious

eye conditions that are non-infectious


There are non-infectious conditions which can mimic eye diseases and those conditions include sensitivity to eye medications, allergic and eosinophilic eye disease, traumatic eye injuries or environmental irritants.

Traumatic eye injuries can happen after, for example, cats rub their itching eyes for any reasons and it causes corneal tears and scrapes. It’s also to be noted that sharp claws can sometimes tear the cornea when cat fights happen.

Disease which can cause increased blood pressure or increased ocular pressure and inflammation of the eye’s forward chamber can also damage and scar the cornea.

Note that Persian cats are actually susceptible to dry eyes and dry eyes can also cause corneal ulcers.

Eye Drops as One of the Treatments Used for Cats’ Eye Problems

eye drops as one of the treatments used for cats’ eye problems


There are various treatments that can be used to treat a cat’s eye problems and eye drops are among them. Eye drops are easy to find and in addition, they’re also easy to purchase now that products can be found and purchased online nowadays.

Eye drops are among the options you can choose if you’re looking for a treatment for your cat’s eye problems.

If you’re considering buying eye drops for your cat, however, it’s important to consider purchasing eye drops that are among the best you can get for your cat.

Here are some of the best eye drops you can consider purchasing if your cat has eye problems and you want to solve those problems.

Foods NameWhat to LoveCostAdditional Comments
Dr. Goodpet Eye-C All Natural Eye Drops for Dogs & Cats - Highest Quality Zinc & Vitamin C
  • An all natural product
  • Constitutes a soothing solution for cats’ eyes
  • Good for cats
  • Offers relief of discomfort caused by minor eye irritation
$12.55 (Sept 04,2016) Buy Here
  • No animal testing has been done for this product
  • This product weighs 4.8 ounces
  • This product contains Zinc and Vitamin C
  • To use this product, you can apply one or two drops in your cat’s eyes in the morning and the evening
  • Before using this product, you should read the product’s label, warning, and directions. Don’t rely only on the info presented to you online
Nutri-Vet Eye Rinse Liquid for Cats, 4-Ounce
  • Gently cleans a cat’s eyes and surrounding tissues to successfully help relieve discomfort
  • Very good at fighting eye infections
  • Removes what are called tear stains and slow down their formation
  • Irrigation helps successfully reduce irritation
$3.43 (Sept 04,2016) Buy Here
  • This product weighs 3.2 ounces
  • To use this product, apply two to three drops in each eye
  • This product is an irrigating solution which helps reduce irritation and helps prevent tear stains
  • This product is an eye rinse for felines that’s a sterile and non-irritating ophthalmic solution which gently cleanses a cat’s eyes and surrounding tissues to successfully help relieve discomfort and control irritation caused by dried mucous pollen, foreign materials, and other irritants
  • This product creates an inhospitable environment in a cat’s eyes for germs and bacteria while it soothes and cleanses the eyes
  • This product is for routine flushing of the eyes and their surrounding tissues
  • This product can be used to treat irritated eyes by applying several drops in the eye to successfully clean and refresh
  • You can use this product to reduce irritation caused by dust, ragweed, and pollen by using several drops daily
  • Cleanses, soothes, and removes sticky mucus and tear stains
  • Constitutes homeopathy eye drops
  • Treats conjunctivitis and watery, itchy or blocked tear ducts
  • Safe cruelty free, and non-toxic
  • Has been tried and trusted since 1979 by animal lovers
  • Effective, safe, natural, and economical to use
£10.99 (Sept 04,2016) Buy Here
  • This product is a homeopathic euphrasia tincture, in a pure distilled water base
  • This product is a good product for cats
  • This product is a homeopathic first aid remedies and it’s a good eye drops for cats
  • This product is internationally used by top breeders of cats
  • This product can help clear almost all minor eye conditions effectively, safely and quickly
  • This product is a natural eye care product that has been tried and tested for a long time. It has also been used t heal small animals since many years ago
  • This product is a traditional remedy which is associated with the eyes and it’s commonly known as eye-bright
  • This product is one that’s beneficial for various eye conditions including watery eyes, conjunctivitis, sticky mucous, discharges, stinging eye lids, as well as burning eye lids
  • This product is also good to cleanse and irrigate both sore and healthy eyes
  • You can use this product by liberally cleanse and irrigate your cat’s eye and its surrounding areas
  • You can use this product by applying one or two drops to the eye once or twice each day until the condition clears. There will be full directions on when and how to use this product included with your purchase
  • This product is formulated by professionals for pets
  • This product is supplied in a 15-ml easy to use bottle. The bottle is a plastic nozzle dropper bottle
  • This product is best kept refrigerated and kept away from direct sunlight once it’s opened for a longer storage
  • This product is made by a qualified homeopath. This product is ethical and cruelty free
  • This product is safe to use and it can be used every day until the condition of your cat’s eyes is better
Beaphar Eye Lotion 50ml
  • Effective and safe to use
  • Made by professionals
  • Treats various conditions
£6.00 (Sept 04,2016) Buy Here
  • This product is available as a 50ml product
  • This product constitutes an eye lotion
  • This product is made by professionals and is undeniably safe to use

Purchasing eye drops for your cat is one of the best things you can do for your cat if your cat has eye conditions that need to be treated and you want to treat them.

There are various eye drops for felines that you can get for your cat if your cat has eye conditions that need to be treated. The conditions that eye drops can help treat include, for example, weepy eyes.

Eye drops can solve eye problems in cats quite effectively. There is more than one way to use what are called eye drops. The ways to use eye drops include wetting a tissue and, after the tissue is wet, dabbing the eye area gently.

It’s one of the simplest ways to use eye drops to treat a cat’s eye conditions. Of course, there’s another way to use eye drops and it’s a good thing if you know it.

The next way to use eye drops to treat a cat’s eye using eye drops is by directly applying them to a cat’s eyes. It’s important to note that this method is one that cats don’t like, though.

If you’re considering using this method, you should use a trick. The trick you can use is being very gentle when applying the eye drops while trying not to alarm your cat when doing so.

If you’re considering purchasing eye drops for your cat, you need to know that there are many eye drops you can choose from today.

Those eye drops include the best eye drops for felines and here, you can find some of the best eye drops you can consider purchasing for your beloved feline companion.

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